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About Us

About Skypredict consists of dedicated team of football analysts, tipsters, sport bloggers and a unique web designer, based in south western part of Nigeria.

We as a team have decided to take on the responsibility of providing you with valuable and unique content about football betting and latest sport news, as we all have passion for it.

We are a unique team, and one of the fastest growing football prediction website with content provider in latest sport news, specializing in the in-depth analysis of football betting. Providing complete and reliable predictions on over 50 leagues including top major European divisions with your support, will continue to grow faster to become one of the biggest football prediction website.

Prediction Market

Let our tipsters guide you on game selections due to various predictions available. (i.e Betting is all about profit making) Don't just bet, invest! Our team of experts is determined to serve you better in the world of sport.

Our Tipsters

Our team of tipsters will guide you through selective football betting plans by odd on the website. They provide accurate prediction with zero level tolerance of bias mind set. You can count on their high esteem level of professionalism in gambling to enhance your profit making.

VIP Tips

VIP membership is designed to expose bettors to a well known and successful method of betting. We aim to keep losses small through proper money management and let our profits run as much as possible.