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Terms & Conditions

The below are the terms and conditions and return policy that governs users on

  1. All users of are expected to be 18 years and above in order to join or use any of our services.
  2. We offer well for-casted football predictions and not fixed games. We do not offer/provide fixed games to users/subscribers.
  3. All users have access to all our free prediction categories, available on the website homepage and other categories when logged in.
  4. When you subscribe to any of our prediction plans or packages, you do so by paying a subscribing fee. This allows you to view the paid prediction categories on the website when logged in to your account and you also get emails notifications everyday.
  5. We do not send games to phone numbers. We only Post our VIP Tips on our website.
  6. Our games are not 100% confidence level but we can boast of 90-99% confidence level so subscribers are usually advised not to put all games on one slip.
  7. All subscribers are upgraded automatically once payment has been made and confirmed, but in some instances the system might fail to upgrade a subscriber automatically. The subscriber may contact us in this case to upgrade his/her account manually.
  8. All payments are currently done either by card payments or bank deposit/transfer after which accounts are upgraded and allow you to access the package subscribed for. International subscribers may pay either by card using Skrill, Bitcoin or Neteller. Kindly understand that we are continuously working on easier payment options and methods for both our local and international subscribers.

Return Policy

Please note that all payments made for any of our packages and subscriptions are not refundable. Once payment has been made and a subscriber account has been upgraded, funds are not refundable. The subscriber bears any risk and losses after the subscription. We can only guide you to give you the best predictions and game selections to maximize your winnings but we do not assure 100% prediction on all our categories. Please understand that betting is a risk rider way to relax, enjoy and also make money from football as a game and sport.

When games do not go as predicted, we offer you a better and well for-casted predictions as our team are working to give our subscribers the best predictions and value for their money